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Welcome to CMSimple_XH

Congratulations on your new installation of CMSimple_XH. You can login now with the default password, which you will find in the readme.txt of the download. Delete the readme.txt on your webserver, if you have uploaded it.

The login link can be found at the bottom of the page in the footer.

*** Remember to change the login password immediately ***

Please read the readme.txt in the root folder of the download.

Please read about file permissions and security settings in the CMSimple_XH Wiki »

About the terms of license you may have a look at »


DO NOT change the password directly in config.php by using a text editor. Change the default password right away after login ONLINE (login with default password).

This is the easiest and best working way.

For editing CMSimple_XH files it is essential to USE ONLY editors, capable of detecting, opening and saving files as "utf-8 without BOM" (Byte Order Mark), like notepad++.

If this condition is not fulfilled, you will damage your CMSimple installation.


Bitte ändern Sie das Standard Passwort NICHT direkt in der config.php mit einem Text Editor. Ändern Sie das Standard Passwort nach dem Login ONLINE  (Login mit dem Standard Passwort).

Zur Bearbeitung der CMSimple_XH Systemdateien sollten Sie ausschliesslich einen Code Editor wie z. B. notepad++ benutzen, der die Codierung "utf-8 ohne BOM" (Byte Order Mark) erkennt, die Dateien entsprechend öffnet und auch wieder abspeichert.

Wenn Sie die Systemdateien in einer anderen Codierung als "utf-8 ohne BOM" abspeichern, kann es zu Problemen mit verschiedenen Funktionen von CMSimple_XH kommen.

There are 2 user manuals available:

The CMSimple_XH links

If you use an original or modified CMSimple_XH template, please leave the template-link at the bottom of the template. You may extend that link this way:

If you use another template inside a CMSimple_XH installation, we kindly ask that you link back to or in your template. This is a nice way to popularize the CMSimple_XH project, which will benefit in the long run all users.